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250 AED
Depth:159 mm, Speed:500-1,800 + 300 RPM, Air Flow:13.94 - 50.18 CFM, Noise:17.2 - 27.5dBA, Power Consumption:12V DC, 0.18A, 2.16W, Life:60,000 hours

Protect your system from the risk of overheating with the new T120 RGB CPU Air Cooler in Dubai

The NZXT T120 RGB CPU Air Cooler in Dubai comes with mounts for two fans, however only one is often installed inside the box. In addition, there are two back plates for various Intel sockets that come with their corresponding counterparts already connected to the heatsink.
For AMD, additional brackets, spacers, and screws are provided for attaching to the heatsink. It is not pre-applied because a little bottle of thermal paste is also provided. Last but not least, an adapter to change NZXT's unique RGB connection into a normal ARGB 5V connector is included in the accessories package.

T120 RGB CPU Air Cooler Features

Its features eliminate overheating of your CPU in your PC performance
The NZXT T120 RGB's design pleasantly impressed every user. It has black heatsink fins, and the top cover effectively conceals the ends of the heat pipes.
  • Aluminum heat pipe cover discreetly hides copper piping
  • 4 conductive copper heat pipes with Direct Contact technology allow for maximum thermal transfer from the CPU to the cooler
  • Provides high static pressure, moving ample air through the radiator for excellent cooling, with some RGB flair
  • Includes retention brackets and mounting accessories for both Intel and AMD motherboards
  • A slim radiator footprint allows plenty of space for an additional fan to further accelerate exhaust out the back of the PC
  • The F120 RGB offers customizable RGB lighting through NZXT CAM
  • Includes 1 gram of NZXT High-Performance Thermal Paste
  • Won't block RAM or GPU slots in most cases
The RGB fan is also black and theoretically is part of the version with black fan blades and ring-shaped, brilliant RGB LEDs built into the frame.

Keeping your CPU cool is essential for gaming and video editing, but finding an effective cooling system that doesn't break the bank can be difficult. Then here is the solution!

The fan fits the contour precisely thanks to a really excellent touch in which the edges of the fan and the heatsink cover are uniformly rounded. This gives the cooler's completed assembly the appearance of being cast in a single piece.
The NZXT F120 RGB fan is of excellent quality and belongs in the premium market. The only thing with any mid-range is the fan blades. Although the heatsink is fairly modest, it is carefully made. The black coating on its fins is smooth and devoid of imperfections, and the cover appears to be of great quality and stability. The mounting back plates for Intel systems appear to have been carefully constructed, and although made of plastic, they are just as sturdy as metal ones.

T120 RGB CPU Air Cooler Gallery

With its incredible performance, it keeps your CPU cool over prolonged gaming sessions.
The heat pipes of the T120 RGB CPU Air Cooler in Dubai will be in direct contact thanks to NZXT. The machine markings, however, are much more visible and deeper than ideal.

T120 RGB CPU Air Cooler Specs

It is quiet, effective, and equipped with RGB lights to give your system a distinctive appearance.
The brackets are already put together for Intel. The CPU must be covered with thermal paste, the brackets' screw positions must be adjusted, and the cooler must be mounted.
Height 120 mm
Width 66 mm
Depth: 159 mm
Material Copper
Dimensions 40 x 35mm
Material: Aluminum
Quantity 4
Material: Copper
Model F120 RGB Fan
Quantity 1
Dimension 120 x 120 x 26mm
Speed 500-1,800 + 300 RPM
Air Flow: 13.94 - 50.18 CFM
Air Pressure: 0.75 - 2.7mm-H2O
Noise 17.2 - 27.5dBA
Bearing: Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Power Consumption 12V DC, 0.18A, 2.16W
Connector 4-pin PWM
Life: 60,000 hours
Intel 1700, 115X & 1200
AMD: AM5 & AM4
Warranty 2 Years
Model Number: RC-TR120-B1 (Black) / RC-TR120-W1 (White)
UPC 810074840248 (Black) / 810074840255 (White)
EAN 5056547200194 (Black) / 5056547200200 (White)

Buy T120 RGB CPU Air Cooler in Dubai

Get ready to customize your gaming PC and experience real PC performance.

The ideal choice is the T120 RGB CPU Air Cooler with RGB in Dubai. Its strong fans offer excellent cooling performance, and the RGB lighting gives your gaming setup a special touch. Own it now with a free delivery offer anywhere in Dubai.

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Do you have any questions still bothering you about this? So here are some basic FAQs to know before buying.
Does the T120 RGB CPU Air Cooler in Dubai perform well with Intel and AMD motherboards?
Yes, It has mounting hardware and retaining brackets for motherboards made by both Intel and AMD.
What is the slim radiator footprint on the T120 RGB CPU Air Cooler in Dubai?
The slim radiator footprint provides plenty of room for a second fan to speed up exhaust out the PC's rear.
What is the T120 RGB CPU Air Coolers thermal performance like?
One of the T120's strongest and most effective competitors is the air cooler market. It offers superior thermal performance in a compact design.
What is the accurate speed of the T120 RGB CPU Air Cooler's FAN?
The T120 RGB Fan has a speed of 500-1,800 + 300 RPM.
How much is the best price of the T120 RGB CPU Air Cooler in Dubai?
EMI Starts from 62.5 AED/m 4 Months or 250 AED.

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